Whale Shark & Dolphin Combo


An already amazing swim with a whale shark becomes even more incredible when the shark is joined by a bottlenose dolphin off the Ningaloo reef, Western Australia. Thank you mother nature - ocean you never cease to amaze me with your beauty.

Grey Reef Shark Cleaning Station


Free diving at a Grey Reef Shark cleaning station off Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef. Being surrounded by 30+ sharks as they circle around me then the sharks sit vertical into the current opening their mouths whilst small cleaner wrasse fish remove bacteria & parasites from their teeth.

Coral Bay EcoTours


Explore the wonders of Ningaloo Reef with Coral Bay EcoTours , 1200km north of Perth where the desert meets the reef.

Come and share with us and be inspired by the unforgettable marine interactions we experience daily.

The Beauty of Ningaloo


Sharks, Rays, Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, Dugongs.....

Ningaloo Reef is a very special place!!!! 

Here is a few clips i put together of my experiences from 2012.


Orca's Hunting Humpback Whale Calves


For over 5 hours we witnessed 8 orcas preying on humpback whale calves, of the four attempted kills two calves were taken in our company.

To see first hand a successful & an unsuccessful kill for the killer whales was incredible, the tactics used by both parties for survival. With the humpback whale protecting her new born calf on her back lifting her out of the water & using the shallow reef in her favour whilst watching the orcas working in pack formation will be something none of us there will ever forget.

When Searching for Whale Sharks We Discover So Much More.....


During the 2016 whale shark season we swam with hundreds of whale sharks here off Coral Bay, but what really gets me coming back year after year is the diversity of wildlife we encounter whilst on this search for the biggest fish in the sea.
Here is a taster of what I have been fortunate enough to see, experience & film during this years 5 month season with Coral Bay Ecotours

Our Ocean is Alive.... well except for the poor sailfin catfish


The ocean has been putting on quite a show in our backyard. Seeing all this & loads more on our 3 day trip with Sail Ningaloo.

Tawnys as cute as ever, stingrays getting frisky, sea snake devouring catfish, chilled out turtles & jellyfish sunsets all on a magnificent reef as a backdrop.

Freediving in a massive bait ball of fish

2017 was the year of the bait balls on the Ningaloo Reef, I was lucky enough to freedive in these on a daily basis. 

Sharks Feeding At The Cleaning Station

As i Jumped in for our morning snorkel yesterday at a regular snorkel & dive site off Coral Bay. I was treated with this nature show... These small pelagic fish were being preyed upon by large predatory fish (mainly grey reef sharks & barracuda - also targeted by the seabirds from above). In awe I watched this baitball slowly diminish in size with this evolved, sophisticated evasion techniques displayed by the bait fish as they react to a predator with lightening reflexes, these defense manoeuvres almost appear choreographed as their silver bodies dazzle in the most incredible formations. Unfortunately for these bait fish this is the last defensive measure adopted by fish schools when they are overwhelmed & the more effective defense strategies have broken down.