Keira Refit

September 29, 2015




So owning a yacht has not been as romantic as it sounds…… so far…


After working the 2014 whale shark season in Australia we flew back to Davao to do a major refit onboard Keira. We even brought an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hard working friend Chris Warren to help with our 2 month mission to rebuild the engine, replace all the chainplates & rigging, fix the rot in the main mast, install a new auto pilot, replacing skin fittings & sea cocks…. & all the other jobs in between. Ones we knew about & ones that made themselves known to us during our time here.


 This is serious! Clearly the right tools for the Job...

 A nice surprise, you could literally pull out handfulls of soft timber

 Chris and Tata showing off their strength



As with most boats not much is easy maintenance wise, both in the location or ease of access, mix that with the tropical heat & humidity and being in a 40ft tub on the hard stand. If the saying "I don't sweat I sparkle" were true then we must have been absolutely dazzling!


 With that said Chris still found a few places to nap...


We got a lot done in 2014, however as expected there was still a bit to go when we got back...

We returned again after the 2015 whale shark season with plans to continue to put our baby all back together again & get cruising. Its been 2 months now & we are seeing the light - The remaining through hulls installed, the masts have been stepped, reconditioned injection pump installed (completing the engine overhaul), dive compressor set up, new batteries, inverters, charger in place.




Antifoul is going on as i type, then splash - after 18 months on the dry docks we can soon take her for a sea trial... hopefully with no major issues! After that we set that brand new auto pilot "Lionel" to south & head for Indonesia.

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