Renaming Ceremony

November 11, 2013



We had already decided to change the name of the boat~ we settled on going back to a previous name (with a slight spelling alteration) which we found more of a connection with ‘Keira’.

We understand the tremendous superstitions involved in such a task we wanted to do it correctly - we had planned on conducting the denameing/renaming ceremony once we arrived in Palau & were joined by Steve’s Dad & our 2 good friends Dan & Charlotte. Going by the luck of our first departure attempt encountered over the past weeks we figured the ceremony would be fundamental to have done before we set out again.

As according to legend each & every vessel is recorded by name in the ledger of the deep & is known personally to Poseidon or Neptune, the God of the sea. It is logical therefore, if we wish to change the name of the boat, the first thing we must do is purge its name from the ledger of the deep & from Poseidon’s memory.

This was quite a comprehensive process beginning with the removal & obliteration of every trace of the boats current identity. This is essential & must be done thoroughly. We began by whitening out the old name on all paperwork, in the covers of books, sanding back & painting over the teak name on the stern, wash boards on the bow.  We found her name  on fuel & water jerry cans which were hidden under covers, spray painted on gas bottles.







We appeased the 4 gods of the winds to assure we have fair winds and smooth seas by pouring champagne in our hailing port & north, east, south & west.




Our friend Andrew conducted the ceremony beautifully, many of our newly acquired yachty friends joined us for this auspicious occasion. 







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