Whalesharks & Wildlife @ Coral Bay!

Working together as skipper and videographer on board a whaleshark vessel on the Ningaloo reef, we get the opportunity to see some incredible things.

This seasonal work lets us get out on the water with a big boat, plenty of eager people and a spotting aeroplane to boot…  


If you want to book to come out on a trip with us visit the Coral Bay Ecotours website.


Cruising on Keira

When the whaleshark season has come to an end we get the time to return to our floating home, wherever she may be, drop back a gear and settle into the cruising life. Although we love it, its' not all sundowners and snacks. There is usually some (hopefully not too major) project to be done on board.

As we set out on our journey through Asia & the Pacific we hope to put together short films using Keira as our platform sharing the adventure of cruising life, Also finding unique stories through the people & cultures we come across along the way.

Follow the journey on our blog page

Conservation & Awareness


We love our environment, we love living in a beautiful blue world, and we know that to keep it beautiful you have to work to tidy things up.

Unfortunately, part of our appreciation of such incredible places and environments, comes from the fact that not every part of the world which we have visited are all as healthy as they could be.


One of our main goals this lifetime is to spread awareness of ways other people can help ensure a beautiful strong habitat in which every creature might exist.

Our Projects...

With the latest equipment and software, coupled with years of experience, we are available for development and production of a number of varied services including but by no means limited to


*Promotional material for your company or business.

*Personalised photo or video documentation for special occasions (both in water and out)

*Stock and custom underwater imagery, obtainable both electronically and also printed format.


If you would like to use images or video seen in any of our galleries, or you feel you might be interested in utilising any of our other photography services, please get in touch via email.


Photography & Videography