February 17, 2016




It felt great to finally cast our lines from the floating dock at OceanView Marina once again.


Our departure date from the Philippines was a little later than hoped, but as we motor sailed out those gates & down the gulf a sense of instant...

September 29, 2015




So owning a yacht has not been as romantic as it sounds…… so far…


After working the 2014 whale shark season in Australia we flew back to Davao to do a major refit onboard Keira. We even brought an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hard working f...

November 11, 2013



We had already decided to change the name of the boat~ we settled on going back to a previous name (with a slight spelling alteration) which we found more of a connection with ‘Keira’.

We understand the tremendous superstitions involved in su...

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