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Rasta Jelly Sand Free Beach Towel


Each underwater and coastal image has a story & we believe that fostering a deep love for the ocean in others will inspire greater care and conservation efforts for this precious environment.
Embraced by beach-goers, families, and travelers, our products have become popular for their versatility, making them the ideal choice for souvenirs and gifts. They are loved by ocean and nature enthusiasts, eco-conscious consumers, and enjoyed by individuals of all ages.


Made from 100 % recycled materials, 85% of which is from post consumed plastic bottles with each towel you will be saving approximately 20 plastic bottles from going into landfill & have a versatile towel you will love to wrap yourself in.

Made from recycled plastic fibers, but don't fret, there is no compromise on comfort with these soft and durable suede microfibre towels .

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My Story...

"Through my photography I want to share with you the beauty of the ocean and to also highlight its fragility and its need for our love & protection."

I grew up in Sydney, and was drawn to the ocean from a very young age. My fascination and respect for all creatures that lived below the surface grew stronger with every dive. Wanting to share these experiences with others that did not wish to delve below, I bought my first underwater film camera at 15 years old.

I spent most weekends as a teenager diving Sydney Harbour & the NSW coast. At the earliest possible age I could I completed my divemaster's & headed for the warmer waters of Queensland, not long after I continued on with my SCUBA instructors & underwater photography on the Great Barrier Reef.

Although I have an appreciation for all animals large and small, I do love the mega-fauna. So, at age 21 I drove across the country to swim with a whale shark, and since then l have been making a career from photographing these big fish an array of other wildlife, here in Western Australia, as well as Africa, Mediterranean, Central America & Asia ....... & happy to still call Ningaloo home. ​

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